Þrír ævintýraheimar Ninnu – Ninna´s three adventure worlds

Exhibition, Workshop April 24, 2016

During this years Child Culture Festival I had an exhibition in Reykjavík’s City Hall.
It was a lot of fun to be a part of this festival and will definitely do it again the years to come 🙂

child culture festival flyer

The worlds exhibited were The Bubs, Museum of imagination and fun things and Wonderwill. I made new posters in Icelandic.

childculturefestival, illustration, design, poster, graphics, ninna

We also had workshops, where kids had to make up their own stories about the objects from The Museum of Imagination and Fun Things.

barnamenningarhatid, smidja, workshop, childculturefestival, museumforkids,

Minjaverur – Memories

Exhibition March 10, 2016

Happy Design March 😀
Me, ICD and Fóa will open an exhibition called Minjaverur or Memories this Desigh March. We will exhibit new Memories illustrations, posters and their stories.
Welcome to Fóa at Laugarvegur 2.

minjaverur, poster, graphic design, illustration, logo

Here we have a few of the Memories posters; Jarþrúður Jarpa, Ísleifur Heppni, Langbrók Lundi,
Ís Björundur, Kattfríður Sól and Álfheiður Hulda.
Size A1, for sale at Fóa.

minjaverur, posters, illustration, viking, cat, puffin, Icelandic, bear, horse, pattern


Exhibition March 7, 2016

Marbendill, my contribution for the exhibition Vættir at Sjávarklassin this Design March.
A very strange little sea monster/man..
illustration, water, blue, marbendill