Gott Lundarfar

logo design, puffin, graphic design, illustration, gamedesign, puffin print

Gott lundarfar is a ongoing project between me and product designer Hanna Jónsdóttir that started in 2017. The projects overall theme is bringing positivity toward our country most famous puffin. I apologize for there is a lot of play with words that gets lost in English translation, but I will try. Gott Lundarfar could mean Good Puffinprint but could also be understood as Good Mood :/

puffin, poster, graphic design, illustration, posterdesign, bird

One of our designs is a game called “Lundakast” or “Puffin throw”

puffin, toydesign, gamedesign, birdgame, productdesign


puffin, toydesign, gamedesign, birdgame, productdesign

A girl playing and catching a puffin at our event on Vitatorg at Culture Night 2017.

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