Illustrations for icelandic souvenirs



This is a ongoing and growing project illustrated by my, commissioned, produced and distributed by Icelandic Craft and Design. The goal is to make fun and different type of illustrations for Icelandic souvenirs, not exclusively for tourists though, trying keeping it open so everybody could like them.


Icelandic postcard illustration

I like to look for different things about Iceland to draw, funny, strange or just normal day life. The main character has become this man I call the Ice-Viking, he is my image of the typical Icelander, strong, proud and never gets cold 😉

Ninna beach towel and calendar

The product range is ever growing, what we have at the moment are towels, calendars, posters, postcards, tea towels, 3 different types of fridge magnets, bottle opener, zipper puller, keychains, suitcase tags and coasters.
Icd, pattern, ninna, illustration

Further Projects